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Custom Furniture Gallery



Solving your personal or professional space challenges

Custom is...

        Making something extra special.

Custom is...

        Creating the things you're looking for from the materials you love.

Custom is...

        Never replacing that perfect piece.

Custom is...

        Your style in the perfect size.

F Boke design is committed to making your next favorite piece of furniture with quality and style.

Let's make the piece you've been looking for.

Your Vision

One piece or the whole space

Conference Room Table
Made from Black Walnut and White Oak fully powered and equipped with power supply and media ports.

Darkened White Oak Wine Room

White oak wine racks and cabinets

finished in a walnut umber ebony blend. 

Recycled Repurposed

Whether a table is made from a stump or a champagne rack is repurposed into a dining table, a custom design will make the perfect piece.

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